About Us

“Changemaker Educators Association” is inspired by the changemaker movement, which seeks to build the skills and attributes for individuals to find innovative solutions to society’s challenges. It was created to improve the quality of educational services, to promote educational values, and help young people find their place in the modern world. One of our main aims is to reinforce the role of lifelong learning and create a sense of world citizenship based on understanding and respect for human rights and democracy, while encouraging tolerance and respect for other peoples and cultures.

Our institution includes trainers who can develop workshop contents and training curricula, social media and content consultants, academic staff, and qualified employees who can coordinate project writing and application preparation, documentation and financial processes within the framework of “European Education Area”. Our mission is to promote the settlement of gender issues, promote the increase of women’s role and participation in the process of civil society development, promote the establishment of regional collaboration between countries and implementation of development-oriented projects, promote the raise of public awareness and legal consciousness, promote the increase of the level of youth involvement in civil society development processes, promote self-improvement of professional activity of the Association ’s members and the enhancement of their qualification, help rural youth be more active and get necessary skill to further develop the country.

We focus on:

•Inclusion and diversities in all fields of organisations
•Development of youths’ key competences,
•Innovation and stregthening digital competences
•Foreign language skills for intercultural communication
•Youth’s soft skills ;communication, relationships, coaching,teamwork,mindfullness,autonomous learning… etc
•Digital competences and web2.0 tools(e-learning, LMS, blended learning, flipped classroom approach, STEM etc)
•21st century skills (soft skills, problem-solving skills, communication, media literacy, creativity, entrepreneurship etc)
•Classroom techniques (critical thinking, inclusion of art, well-being etc)
•Sustainable economies (eco-friendly practices, environmental awareness etc)
•Promote woman and girls enthusiast in STEAM work,
•Music performances and art exhibitions