What is Changemaker Educators Association?

A Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation

Focused on:
• Inclusion/diversities
• Democracy/Active citizenship
• Entrepreneurship
• Developing key competences
• Intercultural dialogue
• Leadership
• Innovation
• Non-formal learning
• Sustainable Development
• Fight against climate changes: Trainers and learners are focusing in the local community bringing international awareness through enviromental actions and Erasmus+

Interested in:
• Training and Networking
• Strategic Partnerships
• Capacity Building

Our main objective is to empower young people and motivate them to push for a more fair and sustainable society.
We focus on sustainability,fight against climate change,inclusion and respect diversities, art,music, social entrepreneurship and personal growth. We work to promote environmental and social values among the young community. We aim to build intercultural solidarity and cross-border collaboration of civil society actors
Change Marker Educators Association is inspired by the changemaker movement, which seeks to build the skills and attributes for individuals to find innovative solutions to society’s challenges. The organization manages projects, activities and actions in order to promote personal development, skills and competences of Youth and Adults through Non-Formal Education.

Local level: It develops project about personal development (It performs workshops in Youth Centres and university departments about life skills organize workshops and training courses , creative/artistic projects,music performances,environmental activities,and STEM based studies.